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Provider of Digital Healthcare Ecosystems

Specialist Direct is the supporting digital ecosystem and provider of innovative health services, connecting mobile or fixed medical clinics in remote and rural locations to doctors and healthcare providers.

Case & Claims Management Services

Clinical Specialist Network & Medical Concierge Services

Access to Early Detection & REMOTE PATIENT MONITORING

Professional Development & Talent Management Programs

Case & Claims Management Services

Seamless Integration for Work Cover Management


Regular Communication

With Mira, claims managers, employers and rehab providers will benefit from regular communication and progress updates from the claimant in real time.


Real Time

There is no other tech platform in the market that uses a personalised case management approach with real time technology


Personalised Management

Unlike other Apps, Mira goes beyond transactional and administrative activities, it offers an easy to use, personalised approach to claims & rehabilitation management


Sustainable RTW Outcome

Mira puts the claimant in the centre, by bringing people together as a collective for a shared goal – the claimants recovery and a sustainable RTW outcome.


User Centric Processes

Mira’s functionality humanises processes, enhances communication, and speeds up insurance administrative tasks.


Better Understanding

Real-time information sharing and communication, means an overall better understanding of the case leading to better outcomes for all.


Personalised Progress Update

Pain and mood progress updates can inform stakeholders on how to support and when to act.


User Control

Mira, gives you a sense of support and control by keeping all stakeholders involved and informed from beginning to end.

Our initiative to create this Hi-Tech Health Hub will service under-resourced communities.  The facility will train local healthcare professionals in the use of medical equipment, systems and online services with the aim of achieving efficiencies and ultimately better health outcomes

Clinical Specialist Network with Medical Concierge Services

Radiology, a deeply-embedded and essential part of modern patient care for all

By facilitating broad community and regional access to radiology reading services for first and second opinions using advanced technology to connect mobile or fixed clinics to an ecosystem of doctors, specialist clinicians and hospitals, irrespective of geographic location. Includes screening programs for early detection and community preventative health initiatives.


Monitoring, delivering efficiencies in Clinical and Lifestyle Management

Services to better manage the health and safety of some of our most underserved, fragile and vulnerable; improving the way health parameters are measured, monitored and recorded all in one service for in-home, aged care, incident triage and rehabilitation.

Professional Development & Talent Management Programs

Australia Hub for Health Education & Training Delivery

Based on an international standard, accredited course and best practice, is one of the best ways to upskill local capability. Empowering communities through collaboration with Australian and local tertiary institutions that drives competency based training and continuous professional development from a technical, clinical and service delivery perspective; micro-credential local and international talent, includes Southeast Asia, Southwest Pacific and the Middle East.

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