Sustainable Connected Module Solutions

Empowering under-resourced communities
with infrastructure and connectivity

Containerized & Sustainable

Enhancing health Infrastructure & improving access to health services 

A unique solution for under-resourced communities and remote environments, our containerised and prefabricated modules support the healthcare, defence, mining, energy (oil and gas), power and utilities, and telecommunications sectors through small, medium and large solutions that can be fully customised to a client’s requirements.

Providing a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent modular structure, our base offering utilises steel in containerised form, while our premium product uses cross-laminated timber (a sustainable and environmentally friendly building product) that allows for flatpack delivery and a Kit of Parts approach to any remote, rural and geographically challenged location.

Our team will work closely with you to identify the right modular solution for your needs and will assist in unlocking the value and benefits your organisation seeks.


Mobile or Fixed Modular Health Solutions

Our module allows for state-of-the-art Healthcare Solutions including Diagnostic Imaging Technology, virtual care and remote monitoring supported by Specialist Medical services to be delivered to the Patient.


Health services for those that need it most

Deployment of our Connected Modules are aimed at under resourced, remote and rural communities across Australia including Southeast Asia, Southwest Pacific and the Middle East.


Pre-fabricated Sustainable Construction Methods

Utilizing full Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) manufacture technology with flexibility of hybrid solutions comprising of traditional steel and precast concrete panel products – A modular construction allows for flatpack delivery with a Kit of Parts (KoP) approach to any remote, rural and geographically challenged location. 


Essential Services

Through our capability partners, we can deliver two essential service solutions:

  1. Water – through reverse osmosis, water and wastewater treatment solutions, we can ensure imaging equipment remains operational, and water is safe for general use and consumption when water mains are not accessible.
  2. Power – when confronted with power outages, we can generate power using renewable energy (solar or wind) to service homes, schools and communities. We are an OEM partner for uninterruptable power solutions that can be implemented if that is the preferred option.

    Why Swisstec Modular Technologies?

    Proudly Australian and committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.

    We have

    • 15+ years of experience in the Prefabricated Modular Industry
    • 30+ years of experience in the Healthcare Industry
    • 20+ years of experience in the Data Centre Infrastructure Industry

      Swisstec Connected+ Modules

      Diagnostic Health Solutions

      Diagnostic Health Solutions with Edge Capability

      Edge Computing Solutions

      Solutions for specific applications

      Planning, Deployment and Lifecycle


      Prefabricated Modules Utilising Sustainable Cross Laminated Timber Technology

      Advanced Manufacturing methods allows for the use of highquality engineered timber components, prefabricated, flat packed and delivered onsite for assembly, from a single clinic, hospital facility to public housing and education.

      Our materials and methods are environmentally friendly and sustainable that can minimize construction time and waste. We use highest quality Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels sourced from certified renewable timber stocks from Australia and International partners with flexibility of hybrid solutions comprising of traditional steel and precast concrete panel products.



      Sigi Drexler | Director

      Swisstec Modular Technologies
      +61 434 363 132


      Over 20 years experience in business strategy and development of Data Centre and modular prefabricated solutions in APAC and EU. Sigi’s expertise includes consulting on the optimisation and consolidation of existing (traditional) data centres, new builds of an efficient modular scalable data centre infrastructure, design and consulting on modular pre-fabricated data centres, building enterprise and channel strategies for countries and sub-regions, as well as development and coaching of sales and technical resources. Sigi’s strong network and experience in the prefabricated modular data centre field within various industries have been pivotal in gearing up the Swisstec Modular Technology business

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