Research & Development 

Excellence for Remote Radiology Imaging Services

Swisstec Analytics (STA) together with Australian NGO Great Communities (GC), will jointly develop health initiatives and programs; delivering change to our care economy for improved productivity and consumer outcomes.

Great Communities is passionate about the Care Economy and changing health in the community for the better. Through the R&D, GC will continue to explore collaboration opportunities with healthcare service providers to undertake delivery of STA programs into remote, rural, and under-resourced communities; radiology, telehealth, patient monitoring, pathology – including blood services.


With an initial focus on rural, remote and under-resourced communities of Australia, Asia remains a rapidly developing part of the world where there is a growing and developing middle class but also a great many that are underprivileged that can benefit from targeted intervention and support.


Using advanced technology to connect mobile or fixed clinics to an ecosystem of doctors and hospitals, irrespective of geographic location


Screening to facilitate early detection programs and community preventative health initiatives


Technology that allows broad community and regional access to radiology reading services for first and second opinions


Access to advanced medical procedures through a global network of specialists providing free access for patients to their patient portal


Revenue Strategies

Achieve diversified revenue strategies to combat resource dependence
maximizing benefits to society and the environment and fund those critical social programs, limiting dependence for donations.


Collection & Analysis of Epidemiologic Data

Play a role in data collection, analytics and coalitions for global health research and to make lasting impression into reducing the disease burden of the world’s most affected populations through effective research.


Early Detection

Harness and adapt to new technology and social trends now, to assist in Prevention, Early Detection and access to breakthrough medications for cancer ensuring the future of civil society.


Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms & Analytics

Importance of civil society working with government, industry and academia to evaluate the opportunities presented by AI, ensuring that the technology benefits all of humanity. Further, the data used to create algorithms is used ethically with distribution of value back to the patient/communities.


Empowering People

Develop capacity and capability to lead and empower people in developing nations to take the initiative for confidence, self-sufficiency and self-determination.



Invest time and money in upskilling/training the local workforce to make a difference.

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