Ecologically Responsible: Utilising Sustainable Modern Construction Methods 

Cross Laminated Timber panels (CLT) are used as wall, floor, and roof elements in mass timber buildings. The cross-wise structure of the longitudinal and transverse board layers provides excellent dimensional stability of the panel. As a result of the wide variety of layer options available, it is possible to closely match specific project requirements to the structural capacity of an appropriate CLT panel. Thus, reducing material and costs which supports our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. 

Various community use cases, such as healthcare services, public housing, education, and public housing, can benefit from prefabricated timber-based solutions that are sustainable, repeatable and aesthetically welcoming.

As a result of our partnerships with Australian and international partners, we are able to provide high quality CLT panels sourced from certified renewable and vertically integrated plantation timber stocks. The panels are made with the best performance glue to give them maximum strength, longevity, and fire resistance.

Panels are delivered directly to the site on a just-in-time basis with a Kit of Parts (KoP) approach, which reduces the construction timeframe and therefore cost. Delivery by either truck or in a shipping container, and when needed, are raised into place using a crane according to a prescribed sequence for ease and safety.

Carbon Storage

Can store carbon during the building’s lifetime and can even capture additional carbon

Fire Resistance

Provides significant fire resistance

Thermal Performance

CLT consists of multiple lumbar layers possessing good thermal & sound insulation properties 

Fast Installment

CLT panels can be prefabricated and installed in a shorter time

Benefits of the Kit of Parts Approach



  • Producing Reference Designs with a Kit of Parts (KoP) approach, design, manufacturing, and assembly are simplified, which delivers efficiencies in all parts of the value chain.

Speed & Cost to Market

  • Faster build and deployment timeframes reduce overall cost.

Productivity & Safety

  • Prefabricated parts not only increase the productivity of the engineered, manufactured, and deployed solution but also increase onsite safety and lower risk usually associated with traditional builds


  • The end result of creating efficiencies across the value chain is the benefit to the environment by utilizing more sustainable materials, shortening the time of construction and less waste in the build and End of Life (EOL) stages by recycling the materials utilized.

Water Treatment Capability

Clean water supply and wastewater treatment are essential elements in building self-sustaining healthcare facilities. We partner with a leading supplier in reverse osmosis, water and wastewater treatment who has served customers worldwide providing custom-built water and wastewater treatment equipment and services including professional design, construction, installation and commissioning.

We can therefore supply water treatment systems; including potable water supply, water recycling, seawater desalination, bore water treatment, sewage and wastewater treatment, and other re-use outcomes.

We realise that one size does not fit all and work with our clients to achieve the best budget and design outcome possible. We have a suite of portable desalination plants and mobile wastewater treatment systems that are cost-effective and efficient to install and operate.



Water Treatment

& Wastewater

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