A unique connectedcare ecosystem that touches all aspects of the care spectrum, from specialists to business operators, and end users in the community.

We empower communities to achieve improved outcomes in their health and well-being, through the provision of new technology, and access to leading specialists locally and globally for better care continuity.

We are committed to partnering with industry leaders in developing and delivering a comprehensive edge service ecosystem of care to underserviced groups and at-risk cohorts that is aimed at:

Managing Risks
Enhancing User Experience
Increasing Efficiency
Optimising Outcomes


Specialist Direct
Ecosystem of Services


Delivered through a
virtual incident centre


To reach various target
reach & touch points

Overcapacity of Urban Health Facilities

Under-resourced Specialist Care Providers

Swisstec Deployable Modules

In home care for At-risk cohorts & Monitored Recovery

Value Proposition


To End-users (Customers)

  • Real-time support by trained case managers
  • Access to credible care specialists and technology
  • Seamless, user-centric and user-driven experience
  • Time and cost saving
  • Collaborative process with strong stakeholder management

To Client Organisations

  • Improves recovery rate of injured persons which assists with organisational health
  • Enables an efficient pathway to demonstrate duties
    of care to the 
    members of their organisation
  • Proactive approach which supports risk


To Health Systems & Payers

  • Improves service delivery efficiency
  • Time and cost saving
  • Proactive approach which supports risk

To Clinical Partners

  • Improves capability to provide care continuity
  • Ability to increase geographical footprint through virtual care delivery and access to remote deployment capabilities
  • Access to clinical support services such as concierge and Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Provides additional revenue streams from referral services


Services & Technology

Converging the latest advancements in science and technology, Specialist Direct is the supporting digital ecosystem and provider of innovative health services, connecting mobile or fixed medical clinics in remote and rural locations to doctors and healthcare providers. 

Recovery & Claims Management Services

Clinical Specialist Network & Medical Concierge Services

Access to Early Detection & REMOTE PATIENT MONITORING

Professional Development & Talent Management Programs

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