We provide a holistic, collaborative approach to the care economy.

Swisstec Analytics Ltd (STA) is an Australian company and a subsidiary of Swisstec Investment Holdings (SIH), [Swisstec Group]. SIH is an investment  group which builds and controls several entities engaged in high-impact health initiatives as well as Research & Development to commercialise major breakthroughs in Biotechnology that will shape the future of intelligent and accessible healthcare.

STA is focused on improving people’s health and wellbeing with a key emphasis on remote and under resourced communities within Australia and neighbouring countries. It has developed a locally designed, ruggedized deployable module which utilizes innovative digital technology, allowing patients in remote locations access to an ecosystem of much needed care services and a network of trusted health professionals.


To empower people and communities with improved health outcomes by accessing health services and leading specialists globally enabled by innovative technology.

Our Vision

We believe that the doctor – patient dynamic has changed as a direct result of online health management, with a greater emphasis on diagnosis, less face-to-face visits and greater communication and treatment monitoring via Internet video links and data sharing. Patients won’t be limited by their geographical location and doctors will be able to leverage their intellectual skills to maximum effect rather than being time and location constrained.

Patients will, of course, travel for required face-to-face consultations and for surgery, but routine visits will be managed online. Patients will control the nature of their interaction with their chosen service provider and will take a more active role in the management of their own health records.

“All people can exercise the right to good health and can live life to their full potential” 


Meet Our Team

Executive team

Craig Peppin

Craig Peppin

Managing Director - Swisstec Analytics

Highly credentialed in healthcare business operations with a TRIUM Global EMBA, directed and
implemented Qatar’s National Health Strategy 2018 – 2022, a major transformation agenda integrating services with systems and realigning processes, practices and people – portfolios included Public Health, Mental Health, Aged Care, Special Needs, Integrated Care, Health Protection, and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; Understanding the delivery process of high-quality, integrated Family Medicine Model of Care for Australia and across the region.



Chairperson - Swisstec Analytics


 With over two decades of experience, Andy has held prominent positions in both the public and private sectors, bringing an extensive background in trade and investment, community and economic development and education to Swisstec Analytics.

Andy’s expertise and dedication have been instrumental in driving positive change and growth in various domains.

Afifa loutfie

Afifa loutfie

Capability & Special Projects Director


 With over 15 years’ experience in capability development, international business operations, and management consulting in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East,  Afifa has assisted various  public and private organisations in developing business growth strategy, capability uplift, and delivery of major projects. Her strengths in strategic planning, solution-based consulting has been the key driver for the development and delivery of Swisstec Analytics’ capability portfolio and Specialist Direct as its subsidiary.

Naveed Alam

Naveed Alam

Co-founder & Clinical Director


Naveed Alam is a Thoracic Surgeon who has been in consultant practice in Melbourne since 2005. Through his work with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and as a member of the Asian
Thoracoscopic Education Program, he is extensively involved nationally and internationally in training junior and senior surgeons. He is also a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

Hafimi Abdul Haadii

Hafimi Abdul Haadii

Director of International Relations



Hafimi Abdul Haadii has a remarkable experience of over 20 years in International Business and Entrepreneurship. She is a 3rd generation business family member in Brunei and is the Executive Director of LVK Group of Companies. Notable roles include Chairperson, President and Board member of multiple renowned organisations in the APAC region.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) from Deakin University.

Costar Pouzoulis

Costar Pouzoulis

CEO - Swisstec Group (Swisstec Investment Holdings)


Pioneer of Cloud Computing and deployed the first SHDSL network in Australia; created M2 Broadband, a leading Internet Service provider in Australia.

Through a personal family medical emergency in Darwin, over a decade ago, he set out to develop and deploy leading health technology throughout Asia.

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