We provide a holistic, collaborative approach to the care economy.

Swisstec Analytics Ltd (STA) is an Australian company focused on improving people’s health and wellbeing. It offers innovative digital technology & advanced science with aim to creating strong and resilient communities with fair and equitable access to healthcare, while also satisfying core economic principles of sustainability, relevance and growth.


Providing health care in remote locations anywhere on the globe is often costly and challenging to resource due to a lack of health infrastructure and doctors.  Australia along with its neighbouring countries, struggle to provide equity of access to health services for remote, rural and under resourced communities. Compounded by an aging population the demand for medical services has been a challenge steadily exceeding the supply of doctors, radiologists and subspecialists. It is unsustainable as the entire healthcare system is under pressure and severe strain.

Our Vision

Supported by global industry partners, government and health professionals; Science, Technology, Education and Research, all harnessed and leveraged to offer a full suite of initiatives which include radiology, telehealth, patient monitoring, pathology, including blood services for integrated solutions and meaningful change to the care economy and those that rely on it.

“All people can exercise the right to good health and can live life to their full potential” 

Key areas of focus

The Collective of Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Delivering in-country radiology demand with an all-inclusive bundled solution for remote and under resourced communities; includes sophisticated imaging equipment,  advanced Informatics Technology with access to a platform of International Radiologists and Doctors.


Pioneering the manufacture of a Deployable Diagnostics Module to secure high-quality radiological care, telehealth, patient monitoring and pathology – including blood services for under resourced, remote and rural communities across Australia, South East Asia, Indochina, and South West Pacific regions.

Education & TRaining

Collaboration with tertiary institutions and Australian Universities as a hub for health technology and education delivery; “micro credential” operators from a technical and clinical perspective for Australia and neighbouring countries; South East Asia, Indochina, and South West Pacific.

Research & Development

Collaboration with Australian NGO Great Communities (GC) to jointly develop initiatives and health programs for the care economy. Responsible for delivery and management function of programs, GC’s understanding and expertise are well placed to engage under-resourced, remote, and rural communities; including Australia, South East Asia, and the Pacific regions. Please visit www.greatcommunities.com.au for additional information.


Meet Our Team

Executive team

Costar Pouzoulis

Costar Pouzoulis

Founder & Managing Director


Pioneer of Cloud Computing and deployed the first SHDSL network in Australia; created M2 Broadband, a leading Internet Service provider in Australia.

Through a personal family medical emergency in Darwin, over a decade ago, he set out to develop and deploy leading health technology throughout Asia.

Naveed Alam

Naveed Alam

Co-founder & Clinical Director


Naveed Alam is a Thoracic Surgeon who has been in consultant practice in Melbourne since 2005. Through his work with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and as a member of the Asian
Thoracoscopic Education Program, he is extensively involved nationally and internationally in training junior and senior surgeons. He is also a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

Steven johnson

Steven johnson

Operations Director


An experienced executive in public administration and healthcare, community services and innovative enterprises. A proven track record in forging strong partnerships across business units and key stakeholders to ensure optimal outcomes for clients and the objectives of the organisation.

Wayne Merry

Wayne Merry

Finance Director


Extensive background in both finance and IT with broad experience in reporting, compliance, grants, health program implementation in both low and high resource environments. Wayne oversees the systems and technical design and delivery of the DHM Program.

Afifa loutfie

Afifa loutfie

Capability & Special Projects Director

Experienced management consultant for capability uplift and transformational programs. Afifa has assisted various organisations in developing capability and delivering large infrastructure projects with structured corporate governance to the public and private sector in Australia, South East Asia, the Middle East and the US.

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